Refrigeration &
Cold Storage Design


Mark Edward Systems provides refrigeration and cold storage construction solutions for businesses that require precise and dependable environmental control. We have built facilities from the ground up, aided businesses in expanding their current spaces and even rehabbed spaces for cold storage.


Creating the ideal environment for you

Project Sites

While we primarily service the Northeast, we have the capability to provide consulting, design and installation services throughout the USA.

Our sectors

Food & Beverage

Mark Edward Systems is a seasoned expert in cold storage and refrigerated warehouse construction, catering specifically to the diverse needs of the food industry. From compact caviar freezers to expansive meat processing plants the size of several football fields, we have successfully designed and built projects of all sizes.


We understand the unique needs of designing rooms or buildings for pharmaceutical companies. Whether it's designing temperature-controlled storage areas or specialized clean rooms, we build spaces using high-quality materials that align with the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Environmental Rooms

We ensure the design and construction of these rooms cater to specific environmental control requirements, providing optimal conditions for a range of applications such as research, testing, and precision manufacturing.